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Wed, Feb. 9th, 2005, 09:00 am

Title: Vanishing Step
Author: Digital/lindsical
Pairing: Grawp/Staircase with mentions of Peeves and Bukkake!Filch
Rating: R
Warnings: Giant!sex, sperm, Filch, voyerism, shortness (only 270 words)
Disclaimer: Not a word of it is true... but if it was I'm sure we all wouldn't be invovled in HP fandom. Also this was written before I'm off to a family member's house. My apologies if it's horrible.
Summary: Grawp loves the staircase or rather just some steps.

Grawp slowly made his way through the castle. He knew he wasn't allowed in the castle but he had to see his love. Ah, finally the Grand Staircase. He climbed it and found the set of stairs with the trick step. The set that you had to jump to avoid getting yourself caught. He lifted his dirty loincloth and quickly started touching himself.

The giant quickly became hard and he found that sweet step. He lay down and inserted his erection into the void. He watched as it disappeared. Inches vanished and Grawp had to use his strength to pull himself out of the hole. The suction felt delicious. Sweat droplets formed on his forehead and back.

In and out, he thrust. Grawp paid no attention to Peeves who was cackling just feet away. He just continued to fuck the marble stairs. A low groan erupted from his throat and he came. A fair amount landed on the stairs beneath the one that Grawp loved. He waited a few moments before pushing himself up and replacing his loincloth. He could now go back to his place in the Forbidden Forest.

Argus Filch didn’t see the mess on the stairs the next morning so it was quite a surprise as he stepped in the puddle then found himself lying on his back covered in the slime. He started cursing and yelling

“Peeves! I’m going to the Headmaster about this! You’ve gone to far!”

The caretaker lifted a hand to his face and sniffed the substance. He wondered what it was so Filch’s tongue snaked out and quickly took a small sample.


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