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Sat, Jan. 31st, 2004, 03:51 am
noelani_ella: Welcome to HotB!

Bonjour Fandom,

Well we've FINALLY got our butts into gear and finished setting up. We're all very excited here in eeljay island so lets get this show on the road.

For all those who don't quite understand what's going on, this community is called Hookers On The Beach Archive, and is here simply for our Harry Potter Fan Fiction.


Title: Frozen
Author: noelani_ella
Pairing: Voldemort/James (PLEASE don't be squicked, just read.)
Rating: R
Summary: Voldemort finds the ultimate way to break Harry.

James Potter lay on the cold stone, legs spread wide with Voldemort in between them.

"Harry Potter! So glad you could join us." Voldemort laughed, as he thrusted deep into James.

Harry had the overwhelming need to throw up. The smell of the half-decayed body, his exhaustion from his journey, and his grief of watching his best friend die all contributed to Harry's weak state but the sight of his worst enemy fucking his dead father brought him over the edge.

Harry collapsed into a ball on the ground, squeezing his eyes shut and praying that he could be back in his cupboard under the stairs. Praying that he would suddenly turn deaf to stop hearing Voldemort's groans as the man quickened his pace. Harry had never prayed so hard in his life.

When Voldemort's groaning ceased, Harry opened his eyes in hope. He was greeted with the vision of his mother.

"Mum?" Harry asked, openly weeping and crawling towards her, but something wasn't right. Her face was dirty and her eyes were…

"Oh God, no!"

Peter Pettigrew sat behind Lily, wand out, charming her body to come closer and closer to Harry. With his back against the wall, all Harry could do was watch in horror as her clod, lifeless fingers brushed against his chin. Harry looked away, only to find his father's head watching him. Voldemort was still busy with the body.

Peter laughed and made Lily hug Harry. All Harry could smell was rotting flesh, some of it was so decayed it fell on him. Harry thrust his hand into Lily's arm and ripped out her bone. Gagging, Harry took a deep breath and plunged the bone into his chest.

As Harry ceased to exist, the room changed. Voldemort gasped for air, but found none. Peter threw himself against the door after his wand proved to be useless.

Dumbledore found them a week later. Both with blotchy skin, eyes wide, and very dead. Harry lay peacefully between his parents, frozen in time forever.